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financial help ?

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Without a doubt, living standards are increasing as days go by. As our living standards increase, our expenditure goes up as well - and there will come a time where you’ll need immediate financial backup.

And, that’s why we came up with Emicro, an app that allows you to get cash RM1,000 approved as soon as you’ve applied for it! What’s more, its completely legal!


Attractive interest rate
as low as 1.5% per month!

Licensed by KPKT (Reg. WL5789/14/01-8/210822)

Quick approvals
Get your cash within 6 hours*

How its done?

In just four simple steps, you can get your cash approved in an instant! Watch the video demonstration below to see how it’s done.


We’re so flexible, anyone can apply with us!

With basic requirements as the ones below, getting immediate and legal financial backup is no longer a long shot. Our basic requirements are;

You must be between 21 - 50 years old

You must be a Malaysian citizen with a valid Malaysian identity card (NIRC)

You must own your own bank account

You MUST NOT be blacklisted by CCRIS & CTOS

You must be earning RM 1,500 and above every month

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